Floral Vichy

Pattern and print design

Original design: watercolor motifs
Repeat size: 32 x 32 cm – 300dpi
Available for licensing

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Floral Vichy is a print design created for a personal archive. It is available for licensing.


Create a print for swimwear that was feminine using the Vichy trend.

Criar uma estampa para moda praia que fosse feminina usando a tendência de Vichy.


The solution was to create a handmade Vichy in watercolor with flowers, also painted in watercolor, overlapping the Vichy. The focus was to keep the elements handmade with original watercolor painting.

A solução foi criar um Vichy feito a mão em aquarela com flores, também pintadas em aquarela, sobrepondo o Vichy.
O foco era manter os elementos feito a mão com pintura original em aquarela.

Repeat Design
Mockup – pic. net-a-porter
Repeat – Option 2
Repeat – Option 3

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