Espumaria Karité

packaging design and brand identity 

Elances was a new collection of shea butter body products that I had to create for Espumaria. Espumaria is a small company located in Goiania, Brazil. They produce home fragrances, soaps, and body care products. The company’s focus is to bring joy to customers bonding of scents and their nostalgic packaging.


The goal of the project was to create an identity and packaging design for a new line of shea butter products while maintaining the concept of nostalgia for Espumaria.


As the origin of shea butter is African, graphic elements of Africa’s culture were fused together with soft colors, while maintaining the personality of the project.


Here are some graphics ideas deals, also colors, and the activity of shea butter work.


Based on the images of the mood board, I created the graphics to apply in some packages.



Colors had to remind Espumaria’s personality and connect with the collection concept.


Gift box


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Let’s create something unique and environmentally thoughtful, this project was created in 2010, but today we could create something with a new technology that could be some recyclable package.


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